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CRD Cables

Drum reeling cable is specially designed and constructed for use on cable reeling drums, providing a flexible power supply to a wide variety of moving machinery such as cranes, conveyors and hoist

Reeling & Unreeling cables are used in dry, damp & wet locations as well as outdoors, as universal reeling cables for hoisting equipment, transportation & handling equipment with heavy mechanical stresses.

Construction : Type RCR Annealed tinned copper conductor, optional separator tape, heat resisting elastomer, optional proofed tape, laying up of cores, followed by rubber inner sheath, ATC wire screening or Galvanised Steel wire screening between inner and outer sheath Type RSR/RBR Same as RCR except Nylon/ Cotton braid reinforcement between sheaths Type RR Same as RCR except textile tape reinforcement between sheath Specifications : IS 9968