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Dealing in Cable Accessories:

Jointing Kits:

Joint is a term usually applied where two (or more) cables are joined together, in a way which is intended to reflect the construction of the cable itself; a “connector” is usually a mechanical device for connecting conductors.

Cable Glands:

The main functions of the Cable Gland are to act as a sealing and terminating device to ensure the protection of electrical equipment and enclosures, including the provision of: Environmental protection – by sealing on the outer cable sheath, excluding dust and moisture from the electrical or instrument enclosure.

Cable Lugs::

A cable lug is a component of an electrical device that connects the cable to the device terminals that simplifies the assembly of personnel, maintenance, and repair processes.

Cable Trays:

Cable trays are a mechanical support system that can support electrical cables used for power distribution, control, and communication. They are the perfect solution for running large quantities of power or data cables overhead or under-floor.