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Multicore Rubber Cables

Our company “Nishant Marketing & Mfg Co” is India’s renowned Stockiest and Dealers of a wide range of Elastomeric Cables (Rubber Cables). We have more than 30 years of vast experience in Rubber Cables.
It enjoys pioneer status in Elastomeric Cables segment in India and has been supplying a wide range of Rubber Cables to various industry segments viz. Railways, Ship-Building, Steel, Cement, Power plant, Defence, Mining sector, construction sector, Solar Panels Etc.
We are specialist in all types of Rubber Cables such as EPR Rubber Cables, PCP Cables, CSP Cables, VIR Rubber Cables, TRS Rubber Cables, Silicon Rubber Cables, Welding Cables, Trailing Rubber Cables, EPR Insulated Cables, Trailing Rubber Cables, H07RN-F Rubber Cables, Mining Cables, Lift Cables, Marine Cables, Wind Mill Cables, Fibre Optic Cables, Profibus Cables, HR-90°c, Flat Submersible Cables, EPDM Cables, NBR Cables, EVA Cables Etc
In keeping with the company’s commitment to technological advancement, elastomer materials such as Polychloroprene (PCP), Chloro-Sulphoneted Polyethelene (CSP), Nitrile Rubber / PVC blends, Ethylene Propelene Rubber (EPR), Ethylene Vinyle Acetate (EVA) and Silicone have been specially compounded to meet numerous heat oil and fire resisting requirements.
Elastomeric compounds for insulating and sheathing of cables are formulated to meet the requirement of IS 6380, BS 6899, IEC 60502 and other international specification.