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Indoor Switch Board Telephone Cables

  • Used for indoor installation for the interconnection of telephones, telegraph and electronic equipments.
  • Solid annealed plain/tinned copper conductor.
  • PVC insulation
  • 1 pair to 200 pair.
  • Available in 0.4, U.S. 0.6, 0.71, 0.8 & OS mm
  • Armouncd and Unarmoured.
  • Confirming to Indian A International standards

Jelly Filled Telephone Cables (PE Insulated)

  • Ucod for Indoor/ outdoor installation for the inter connection teleptiones and electronic equipment.
  • Jelly is moisture and water repellant and prevents water seepage.
  • Range : b pairs to 800 pairs.
  • Conforming to Indian and Intel natiunal standards.
  • Unarmraireo / Armoured
  • Sizes available are 0.4mm,0.5mm, 0.63mm, & 0.9 mm


  • These cables are used for distribution in Exchange area and usually conduit or direct burial application
  • Suitable for underground applications.
  • Twisted Pair, Triad/Quad construction with short pitch individual aluminum tape shielding, offers excellent immunity to crosstalk and low frequency (up to 10 KHz) electrostatic and electromagnetic interference.
  • For BS 5308, these cables are designed for use in communication and instrumentation applications in and around process industries like oil exploration, cement, paper, steel, power generation and others.

Product Construction:

  • Conductor: Soft-annealed solid electrolytic copper
  • Insulation: Polyethylene
  • Inner Sheath: Polyethylene
  • Armouring: Galvanised steel tape, double steel tape
  • Outer Sheath: Polyethylene, PVC ST1
  • Colour: As per customer spec
  • Multi-pair

Technical Data:

  • Specification: BSNL Spec. No. GR / CUG-01/03, Aug. 2003
  • Flame retardant (Fire Resistance) test as per IS: 10810-Part 61
  • Carbon black content, 2.5% min as per BS: 6234
  • Volume resistivity at 100°C is ≥ 1 x 1010
  • Nominal mutual capacitance 0.05 mF/km
  • Capacitance unbalance between pairs ≤ 300 pF
  • Spark test voltage 3 kV AC
  • Laid up pairs flooded with water resistant jelly.
  • Longitudinally applied polyethylene coated aluminium moisture barrier tape
  • PE inner sheath / outer sheath, Spark test at 11 kV AC
  • Near end crosstalk between adjacent pairs – better than 55 dB
  • Far end cross-linked talk between adjacent pairs – better than 67.8 dB/km


  • Up to 2400 pairs
  • Uniformly drawn circular solid copper conductor
  • MDPE / HDPE extruded insulation
  • Insulation resistance not less than 5000 mW km (VR not less than 1×1015