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Polyurethane cables, abbreviated as PUR cable, are halogen free, flame resistant and offer increased mechanical and chemical resistance, making the cables suitable for harsh environments. In addition to being abrasion resistant, Polyurethane limits the grow of bacteria and microbes which makes the sheathing material particularly suited to use in the food & beverage industry, clean rooms, and complying with the hygiene requirements of production lines.
The use of Polyurethane as a sheathing material also maintains the cable’s flexibility, with many of the PUR cables having applications requiring frequent or constant flexing, such as drag cables and power chain cables as used applications such as conveyors, for flexible drum winding cables for cranes and equipment moving machinery, and for control cables for robotics and machine tooling. Polyurethane is not suitable for insulation material – a different low smoke zero halogen compounds would be required – but there remain benefits of using PUR over PVC and even tough rubber sheathing. In terms of temperature range, PUR cables can operate between -40oC and +125oC, although the individual cable technical specifications should always be referred to for precise upper and lower limits.