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1. Indoor Railway Signaling Cables are suitable for indoor wiring and panel wiring in switching stations.

2. Outdoor Railway Signaling Gables are suitable for control purpose in power and switching stations, local distribution system in outdoor installations.,/p>

3. Jelly Filled Axle Counter Cables are employed for signaling and interlocking circuits in electrified railway systems. Screening of the cable is essential to exclude the inductive interference of traction currents. The cable construction incorporates a special screening design consisting of aluminum wires or aluminum tube. Steel tape armouring gives strength and prevents from mechanical damage. Jelly is moisture/water repellant to prevent water seepage.

4. Jelly Filled Underground cables manufactured for Indian Railways have good electrical and transmission properties, which are assured by Polyethylene insulation. The cables are engineered to give good dielectric strength for lightening protection purpose, minimum capacitance and transmission losses.